Friday, July 2, 2010

Thing #23

Whew! What a journey! 23 things in 4 weeks - not real easy! Especially with 3 classes worth of work to do in those 4 weeks as well. Some of my favorite discoveries were photostory, flickr, teacher tube, and Web 2.0 Awards list. I feel I have grown in my technology skills. I didn't even know how to do a hyperlink before this experience and now I feel like an expert! Well, an expert on that one tiny little skill anyway!
This program has increased my confidence in using technology and that will in turn affect how I teach. It has helped me build skills I will need to have as a "Librarian 2.0" and what I will need to know to help my school.
I'm actually thinking about creating a blog for my classroom, which surprises me because I never would have considered it before all this practice with this one. Everything withing this 23 Things program was fairly easy to follow and learn - even for someone who is intimidated by technology like I am. The only thing I would have done differently is to have longer to explore, which was not possible with a 4 week course and 3 grad school classes worth of work. But, now I got a taste of the things out there and I know which ones I want to revisit and use in the future.
I guess to sum it all up, it was a great learning experience. It was also really great to practice some basic computer/blogging skills. I definitely feel better about my technology expertise now. Well "expertise" might be stretching it a bit...

Thing #22

I glanced at all the Nings listed, but really spent some time with Teacher Lingo. I am currently a teacher and not in a library yet, so I thought I'd find some things of interest there. Teacher lingo had lesson ideas, teacher blogs, message boards, and you could add your own blog. The message boards are good because you can discuss issues going on in your own grade level with people who are teaching the same. Maybe they have been through a similar experience and can offer advice. You can also click on "find teachers" at the top of the site and narrow down the list of blogs to find the type of blog that you are looking for.
When I become a librarian, I can share this networking site with the teachers on my campus. It could be presented quick in a faculty meeting if your principal gives you a few minutes to share something.

Thing #21

Photostory - LOVE IT!!! I will definitely be spending more time in the future with this tool! I created a video using my nieces and nephews and the rest of our family and our annual Christmas Cookie Decorating Tradition! I want to learn more about it! Although it was pretty easy using it this first time. I can definitely see myself using this tool in the classroom. I can make quick, easy photostories each time we have a class party, for the science fair, and for our annual Camp Write Along. This was so easy to use - I can't say that enough!

Thing #20 "thing" I already know about! Youtube is one of my favorites on my computer at home. I often go there to find funny videos for stress relief and a quick laugh! Although, recently, I have actually used it to find educational videos and teacher how-tos. I typed in Hunger Games and got the trailer for the movie coming out about the book. Librarians can use movie trailers to promote books in the library. Of course, you would want to preview it first and it might be blocked in your district.
Teacher Tube is less familiar to me, but I had fun searching through it. I don't think it is blocked by my district and I plan to use it much more in the future. I found a short video on division that would be a great opener for when I begin to teach long division.

Thing #19

Web 2.0 - This has been one of my favorite things to play with during this 23 Things journey. I found many links that took me to some really great sites that I didn't know were out there.

I really liked:

Im Cooked - it gives videos on cooking different recipes, not just the printed recipe.

Live Mocha - a site where you can learn how to speak a foreign language from someone who is native to that language.

Thing #18

I really like Google Docs. I have used it quite a bit recently. One reason it is a good program is that you can share your documents with peers and get their opinion on them. Also, if you are working on something with a group of people, they can all have access to it at the same time, rather than sending it one by one via email. Then, all group members can see what all the other members are adding to the product at the same time. This has been especially helpful in graduate school with group projects.
I can imagine also using Google Docs as I teach editing to my fourth graders. I can inspire my higher level students by teaching them how to use this program and then maybe they will be excited to edit what they write if they get to use a neat program like this one.

Thing #17

Rollyo - I'm not exactly a "high roller", but this was a fairly easy site to use. I created a Rollyo entitled, "Just For Fun" that includes sites I like to go to when I have a minute or two to NOT think about school stuff! I can add others later where I can put educational things, either for other teachers in my network to use or for my students to use.
Here's a link to my Rollyo: